COSUGI Conference Exhibitors / Sponsors

Sponsors help make the COSUGI Conference a better event!


Backstage Library Works   
FE Technologies
Unique Management Services     


Let’s talk about talking to exhibitors. If you are shy, or just not sure what conference exhibitors are all about, you might not care to interact with them. But here's how to overcome this and win the day!

First, go to their web sites, which we have linked to below. If your library already has a comparable product or service from another vendor then prepare to ask them how their product is better than those your libraries use. If you don’t have a vendor providing their goods and services, ask them to explain more about how they help libraries. One of the things that will impress your managers and colleagues is when you can describe companies that provide a product or service that your library is newly considering. It doesn’t matter that your library has no intention of purchasing at this time – you have no idea what you may need in the future.

In addition, this year COSUGI Conference attendees have the option of scheduling meetings with exhibitors. Within the Attendee Hub, select an exhibitor from the list of exhibitors, then select Schedule Appointment.

Companies pay to exhibit at the COSUGI Conference, and so they help keep registration costs lower.

And if you’re getting in on the gamification, there’s big points in talking to them.

During a conference, meeting the right people at the right time can make all the difference. Take advantage and make the COSUGI Conference pay off for you and your library!